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Our floating dock systems are light weight and easy to install, they can be installed by a single person. You can easily and efficiently build a floating planform, a swimming platform, or a jet ski docking system. These docks or rafts can be quickly assembled without the need for power tools, heavy equipment or additional manpower. The biggest advantage of these modular docking systems is you can addon to your existing dock system if you need to increase it's size. We can offer you professional residential or commercial installation of our docking systems

Equipment Inspections

Bridge On Water

Need a heavy duty floating bridge to get that heavy machinery over the water?  With our modular system you can build that floating bridge as big as you want.

Equipment Repairs

Jet Ski Floating Docks 

Make life easier for you and your Jet Ski by building your own drive on docking system with our quality modular systems We offer professional installation. Call a sales rep today.

Equipment Repairs

Construction Platforms

One of the applications that floating modulars can be used for is construction.. It's a great way of working on the water, as long as your boss doesn't catch you fishing.

Safety Netting

Swim Platforms

Wouldn't it be nice to have your own swimming platform for the family.? You can build it as big as you like. Our quality floating modulars are easy to assemble.